1. Solar Power is a cleaner and more renewable source of energy that will help reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.  It will also lower the amount of greenhouse gas emissions which is bad for the environment.

 2. Solar Power will save you money on your monthly electricity or natural gas bill.  Your Energy bill will not increase with Solar making it a good investment.

 3. Solar Power will create new jobs and development opportunities which will help improve your local economy.

 4. Solar Power provides clean energy all year long.  The electricity you do not use can be generated during the winter months when demand is higher.

 5. Solar Panels can increase the value of your home or business.

 6. Solar Power is an unlimited resource.  Unlike other finite resources, solar power can be used until the end of time. 

 7. Solar  Panels comes with a guaranteed efficiency rating by the leading manufacturers. Panels come with a standard 25 year warranty.  

 8. Solar Panels require very little maintenance and can be easily monitored. 



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